Work With Muy Bueno

Want to partner with me on a project? As a home chef, blogger, and author, I love collaborating with brands and organizations in creative ways to promote food, drinks, lifestyle, and entertaining campaigns.

Past and current clients include major international brands like Target, Avocados from Mexico, Crisco, Tabasco, Smirnoff, Princess House, McCormick, Betty Crocker, California Strawberries, KitchenAid, Clabber Girl, and more!

  • Recipe Development
  • Sponsored Giveaways/Product Reviews
  • YouTube Videos
  • Brand/Product Ambassador
  • Company/Brand Events and Sponsored Trips
  • Cooking/Cocktail Demos and Book Signings
  • Travel Reviews
  • Media Tour (Radio/TV)
  • Freelance Writing
  • Photography and Food Styling
  • Blog and Food Related Conferences
  • Custom/Syndicated Recipes
  • Graphic Design
  • Product Development
  • Seminars and Workshops

If you have a different idea of how you would like to work with Muy Bueno please contact Yvette Marquez at

I look forward to hearing from you!


“Yvette has worked on several IMUSA projects for cookware and kitchen accessories. From developing unique recipes to testing new products for us, she has been a great asset to the company for these services.

Always providing on time delivery for a project and ‘over delivering’ that consistently exceeded expectations. Her recipes are delicious, unique providing our loyal consumer with a taste of authentic Mexican cuisine. Simple, yummy and easy recipes with accessible ingredients is critical for many novice foodies and cooks. Yvette always accomplished this task and introduced many fans of IMUSA into the world of Mexican cuisine.”

“Yvette is a creative and professional writer, recipe developer, food photographer, and promoter. Additionally, she is easy to work with and extremely pleasant and personable.”
California Strawberries

“Muy Bueno cookbook embodies rich heritage brought into the 21st century with delicious recipes and enticing photography, allowing the next generations of Latin-Americans in the U.S. to hang on to its culinary roots.”
Avocados from Mexico

“As an emerging brand, Yvette has been a wonderful resource to us as we are just getting started. She is an amazing person to collaborate with and has been critical to our early success and product development.”
Good Tastes/Buen Sabor