muy bueno youtube videos

SAVEUR Finalist – Best Use of Video

I am beyond honored and shocked! Muy Bueno is selected as a Best Use of Video finalist in the fifth annual SAVEUR Best Food Blog Awards! After sorting over tens of...


Chamomile Tea and Cinnamon Tea – Abuela’s Remedios

Wow, it has been two whole weeks since my last post. I have been quite busy with a very big project. I will tell you all about it in...

chiles toreados

Chiles Toreados (Padron Peppers with Soy Sauce)

Do you remember when I made arepas with pardon peppers? Those li’l roasted chiles on the side of the dish really stole the show. If you haven’t tried pardon...

Rustic Mango and Strawberry Galette

Easter Brunch Recipes in Latina Magazine

In November my mom and I were invited to sign Muy Bueno hardcover cookbooks at the grand opening weekend of the new Barnes & Noble in El Paso, and...

Guiness Corned Beef and Cabbage

Guinness Corned Beef and Cabbage

St. Patrick’s Day is next week, but I decided to celebrate early and have the opportunity to share my recipe with you. Just because I’m of Mexican descent doesn’t...

pork tacos

Pork and Spicy Fig Preserve Tacos + Giveaway

My favorite preserves are by Bonne Maman and when they contacted me to develop a recipe I just couldn’t say no. It was an exciting challenge especially when they...

grilled chicken and pesto frittata

Grilled Chicken and Pesto Frittata

As a mom I am always trying to find shortcuts to make an easy and healthy meal, and that is why I love frittatas. They are seriously the easiest...

strawberry margaritas

Strawberry-Tangerine Margaritas

Happy National Margarita Day! Ajua! Sounds like the perfect excuse to make a cocktail and celebrate the occasion.

valentines day sweets

Heart-Shaped Strawberry Empanadas

Happy Valentines Day! Do you have any romantic plans? Every year my hubby and I stay home (with children) and cook up a steakhouse style dinner or crab leg...

chicken arepas huaraches

Arepas Topped with Chicken and Roasted Padron Peppers and Avocado and Padron Salsa

I was initially going to call these football-shaped arepas, but it’s kinda a touchy subject after the big loss on Sunday. So, lets just call these what they really...