K-C Cutting Board 01 (no logo)

How to Keep Your Cutting Board from Slipping

My kids love helping in the kitchen, but it’s very important to teach them safety while they help. For example, a cutting board that slips around as you chop...

Baked Ham and Chimichurri Panini

Smoked Ham and Chimichurri Panini

It happens to the best of us…sometimes I just don’t feel like cooking. I open the fridge, stare inside, close it, and then call pizza to be delivered. After...

white tropical island sangria

Island Sangria

Because I’m addicted to my handy dandy pineapple gadget. Because I wanted an excuse to serve a drink in a pineapple. Because I’m craving a tropical vacation. Because Latin...

Roasted Green Chile Chilaquiles - vertical

Roasted Green Chile Chilaquiles

Chee-lah-kee-less…one of my favorite words to say. This is true Mexican comfort food. This is the dish my mom and grandma made whenever there was leftover enchilada sauce.

shrimp fajitas fixings

Sizzling Shrimp Fajitas

It’s rare when I go out to eat at a Mexican restaurant, but when I do, more often than not I can’t resist sizzling fajitas. The sizzling sound of...

old fashioned Mexican oatmeal avena

Old-Fashioned Mexican Oatmeal (Avena)

First Cinco de Mayo and now Mother’s Day is only a few days away. All kinds of excuses to eat the foods we love. If you want to serve...

store lettuce container paper towels

How to Keep Your Greens Fresher Longer

I’m a mother, and like many mothers I am always looking for tips and tricks to make my life a little less hectic and a little more efficient. When...

guacamole al pastor

Guacamole al Pastor

Ajua! Cinco de Mayo is almost here and it’s the perfect excuse to drink margaritas and eat all the guacamole you can eat. I know that’s my excuse, and...

chicken mole enchiladas

Chicken Mole Enchiladas

Mole is usually reserved for special occasions in our family. The best part about attending a wedding, quinceañera, or a baby shower is that more often than not mole...

Yvette pineapple

How to Cut a Pineapple + Video

Cutting and coring a pineapple can be messy and time consuming. In this video I show you how to peel and slice a pineapple in an easy and efficient...