Churros with Mexican Chocolate Dipping Sauce

Have you ever made churros? When we were outlining the Muy Bueno cookbook, I asked my daughter, “What is your favorite Mexican dessert?” And she said, “Churros!” I realized...


Chile de Arbol Salsa

I inherited my mother and grandmas cast-iron stomach, because I never get a stomachache from eating too much salsa or spicy chile.


Grandma’s Home Remedies

My maternal grandma passed away at the age of 98 years old. She lived a long and healthy life. I never heard her complain of any aches and pains....


Quinoa and Pesto Shrimp Stuffed Pasillas

I have always wanted to write and illustrate a children’s scratch-and-sniff book with the scents that remind me of my childhood. But for some reason I don’t think the...


Red Pork and Hominy Stew (Pozole Rojo)

The first time I ever tasted pozole was in New Mexico, where it is usually spelled posole. It was pozole blanco (white pozole) and it was difficult for me...


Brisket Sopes (Sopes con Carne Deshebrada)

When I first moved to Colorado I started missing local El Paso products. One of those products was Claude’s sauces. Every time I’d visit El Paso I would come...

avocado tomato salad

Healthy Muy Bueno Recipes

Christmas has officially left the building. My decorations are put away and I’m ready to kick off 2016. As every year begins I’m full of New Years resolutions. I...


Sweet Raisin Tamales (Tamales Dulces)

My grandma was always wearing an apron and in the kitchen cooking and dancing (when she thought no one was looking). She had an old transistor radio on top...


How to Host a Tamalada

The history of tamales dates back to the Mayans and the Aztecs – they served them as portable food for soldiers, hunters, and travelers. The history of people can...


Tamal Dough (Masa para Tamales)

The most vital ingredient in making the perfect tamal is the masa. Masa is the plain, wet stone-ground dough made with a special corn known as nixtamal.