tacos carnitas salsa

Tacos de Carnitas

I go through stages of dishes I like to order at a Mexican restaurant and one of my favorites has always been carnitas, which literally means “little meats”. Braising...

spicy and cheesy scones

Cheddar and Green Chile Scones

Every time I eat a scone it reminds me of a bed and breakfast. They sound so fancy-schmancy, but in actuality are very easy to make. These savory, spicy,...

apple strawberry galette 2

Rustic Apple and Strawberry Galette

This delicate apple and strawberry tart is beautiful, easy to slice and simple to eat, pizza-style, while building Legos. Yes, I was baking and building Legos at the same...

grilled avocados filled with quinoa salad

Avocado Fiesta Video

You’ve seen a taco bar, salsa bar, tostada bar, nacho bar, burrito bar, margarita bar, but have you ever seen an avocado bar?

salpicon tostada

Salpicón Tostadas

I’ve always said that my mom is the queen of leftovers, and it must have rubbed off on me, because now I’m really good at reinventing leftovers too. My...


Tastemade Online Mexican Cooking Class

Exciting news…I have always wished I could be in your cocina teaching you how to cook. Guess what? Now I can! I have teamed up with Tastemade as an...

wild huckleberry preserve empanadas

Huckleberry Empanadas + Grand Teton National Park

I just returned from an incredible adventure to the Grand Teton National Park, in Wyoming. Last year I followed the exciting adventures of the American Latino Expedition and told...

corn tortillas and avocado aguacate

Homemade Corn Tortillas + Comal and Muy Bueno Cookbook Giveaway

My mom and I were invited by Princess House to appear at their National Convention in New Orleans this past July. Can you believe my mom and I had...

Pork Tinga Sopes

Pork Tinga Sopes

Have you ever made my Chicken Tinga recipe? I thought that it was very interesting that the top keywords on my blog are “chicken tinga”. That gave me the...

frozen watermelon margarita

Frozen Watermelon Margarita + Video

Today it’s drizzling outside, cool, and cloudy — I’m not ready to let go of summer. I’m a summer girl and would be in heaven if everyday were 85...