Pineapple Empanadas

As a mother, and as a food blogger I’m sure you can imagine how often I go to the grocery store. I go so often I can probably go...

Stacked Red Enchiladas

Stacked Red Enchiladas

It’s funny how we take our delicious cultural dishes for granted sometimes. I say this because this weekend, while working in the Bay Area with Las Palmas Sauces, I...

cucumber margarita

Cucumber-Mint Grapefruit Margarita

Seems like May was the cue to Mother Nature to turn up the dial on the temperature. It is finally warming up in my neck of the woods, which...


Buñuelo Berry Muffin Cups

Happy May! I just returned from the Bay Area and so happy to be back home with my family.


Beef Short Ribs

Guess what amigos? I have teamed up with Lawry’s and will be creating twists on traditional recipes, as well as developing quick and easy recipes. Also, stay tuned for some...


Gorditas de Chile Verde con Carne y Papas + Las Palmas Bay Area Schedule

Looking for that perfect dinner for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta? Look no further. This traditional dish is worth making!

chilaquiles rojos

Red Chilaquiles for a Crowd + Las Palmas Partnership

I have a wonderful announcement to make — I have partnered with Las Palmas Sauces to prepare and share some of my favorite family recipes with the addition of their...


Easy Shrimp and Spanish Chorizo Paella + Paella Kit Giveaway

The first time I ever tasted paella was at a Spanish restaurant in Denver. I was so intrigued by the large paella pans and variety of ingredients. There were...


Rice Krispies Easter Nests

A special thanks to Rice Krispies© for sponsoring this blog post. Opinions are my own. It’s hard to believe Easter is right around the corner. Wasn’t it just Christmas...


The Best Carrot Cake

You can’t have Easter without carrots, so of course I wanted to be sure I shared my mom’s famous carrot cake recipe with you. This is by far the...