Tamalada (Tamal-Making Party)

red chile pork tamales 2

Since the New Year I have been trying very hard to eat healthier. I’m eliminating tortilla chips (okay, maybe trying to cut down) and have been drinking a green juice every day — I even wrote about my new routine here. I am human and like everyone I have cravings and indulge once in a while. It’s all about balance and my life would be no fun without some of the foods I love most…like red chile and pork tamales.

I only eat tamales a couple times a year. Usually we make them during Christmas, but this year since we were traveling I was unable to make any, so the craving was still there. I had to get the craving out of my system and hosted a tamalada (tamal-making party).

It was a wonderful day and I am thrilled that I was able to share the experience with friends and family.

simmering red chile

red chile seive

Thank you to Ansh, Heather, and Chris for sharing some of your photos while I was busy en la cocina. Thank you Michelle for jumping in an rinsing corn husks with my daughter. Thank you to my cousin Brenda who stayed behind and drank wine (ahem) I mean helped me wash all the dishes. Thank you to all my friends who came over and spent some time with me in my home.

champurrado molinillo


red chile masa

table setting


rinse corn husks-2

We even had an apron contest and my cousin Brenda was the winner. I have admired her apron ever since she wore it for this party. Thank you Princess House for donating this lovely bamboo chef’s board for the contest.

tamales apron

Most everyone left with tamales in hand to freeze or steam for a quick dinner. I’m exited that I have tamales in the freezer to pull out and celebrate Día de la Candelaria (Candlemas) and Super Bowl on February 2.

rinsing corn husks

assembling tamales

tamale fillings

red chile pork

red chile pork tamales

tamale steamer


And just incase you missed the tamalada video here it is again.

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tamales - ceasar chavez quote

Thank you to Princess House for an impressive steamer and KitchenAid for my new lovely blender.

And special thanks to Chris for capturing such a magical video.

For more photos and complete Red Chile and Pork Tamales recipe please visit the KitchenAid blog, for tamalada hosting tips visit The Latin Kitchen, and for a variety of tamal recipes to celebrate Día de la Candelaria visit Parade.com.

Kitchen products I used:

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Written by Yvette / Video by Pure Cinematography

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  1. It is so much fun to relive the whole afternoon through the photos! It was magical!

  2. Tamaladas are hard work. It’s been years since I did one. Great pics.

  3. What a fantastic video! I was so disappointed to miss your event but now feel like I learned so much watching the video and might be able to try this myself at home. Enjoy your tamales tomorrow while you cheer the Broncos on to victory!

    • Thank you Holly! I’m sure I will host another party soon and hoping you can join.

      So glad I had tamales to drown my sorrows in after that horrible loss. Tamales make everything better 😉

  4. I hope to make it for the next tamalada. They are so much fun

  5. Hi Yvette! Tamales are about the only food item that was not taught to me growing up. They’ve always been a little intimidating because of the time they take to make but when I saw your video of your tamalada I was so excited because I love getting my friends together for stuff like that! Only question I have is where can I go to get unprepared masa? I too live in the Denver area but never really paid attention to what stores sell it. I would love to start making them soon! Thank you for your recipes! I can’t wait to see what else you and your family come out with!! God bless!

    • Hola Rosa,

      Sorry for the delay. My favorite store in Denver is Save-A-Lot – it’s a great grocery store with all my favorite ingredients for great prices. They usually sell the masa there. Remember it’s in dough form, not dried packages. They label with “S” and “P” – sin preparar and preparada. Buy the “S” and follow the Muy Bueno recipe 😉

  6. Hola, mira yo quiero hacer tamales en la kitchen aid pero no se a que velocidad se baten, me podrías decir por cuanto tiempo. Gracias

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