How to Roast Chile Peppers + Video


Do you remember scratch and sniff books? I always wanted to write and illustrate a children’s scratch and sniff book with scents that remind me of my childhood. But for some reason I don’t think the aromas that brought me joy as a child will appeal to kids today.

One of the scents that remind me of my childhood is the warm smoky smell of roasted chile. My grandma roasted chile frequently for her salsa casera (homemade salsa) and I have always loved that smell. When I smell chile roasting and hear it popping and hissing, its as-if I can see my grandma cooking in her kitchen. My grandma passed away in 2004, but the memories of her will always live in my heart.

My grandma roasted chile on a comal (iron griddle), but my mom roasts chile in the oven broiler. There is no right way or wrong way to roast chile. The flavor is the same. Here is a short and simple video showing you my moms simple technique.

Scratch and sniff…

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Written by Yvette / Photo by Yvette / Video by Pure Cinematography

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  1. Great video! you make it look so easy!

  2. Nothing smells better than roasting chilies. Great video!

  3. Before Hatch chile were available for purchase here in Denver, I remember driving to New Mexico and stopping at the first roadside stand advertising Hatch. I’d buy a gunny sack full and come home and roast them using this method. It would take me all weekend. One thing I didn’t know was to piece them before roasting. Now ya tell me. 🙂 Great video Yvette and yes, I had to chuckle at those comfy shoes. 🙂

  4. Great video! Is the hissing and popping due to putting small holes in the peppers first? I’ve never done that step when roasting peppers; I usually just toss them in as they are. Maybe I’ve missed an important step? I do find the Hatch chiles harder than, say, red peppers when it comes to getting the blistered, black skin off. You make it look easy!

    • The piercing is what makes them hiss 😉 if you don’t pierce them sometimes they can explode while roasting. That would be a mess to clean up.

  5. Funny, never noticed the shoes until you said something!!,
    My question is how do you deal with The oils on your skin after the peeling?? I have trouble getting it off and always manage to touch my eyes(contacts) or another body part that doesn’t react well to the heat! Thanks

    • The best remedy is actually washing your hands with soap and cold water. I’ve also heard you can wash your hands in milk, although I have never tried that. If your hands are very sensitive try wearing disposable latex gloves.

  6. What a helpful tutorial. I appreciate it. I love roasted peppers, but shy away from them just because I am never quite secure with what I’m looking for along the way! This really is a help. 🙂

  7. Nice job.. I wish they sold them peeled and roasted in my stores… but I guess I have to do the work.. maybe next time mine will come out pretty enough for rellenos.

  8. Great video! I was lazy this year! I bought 3 bushels and had them roasted for me! Next year, Ill do some on my own! I want that glorious aroma to linger in my house! Yum! I love green chili’s!

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