Agua Fresca de Pepino (Cucumber Lime Cooler)

Have you ever looked at cucumbers and thought, mmm these look like they would be awesome to drink? I never did, but then I tried agua de pepino and it was soooo refreshing! We didn’t grow up drinking this drink, but the first time I tasted agua de pepino I was hooked. With the combination of lime and sugar it tastes more like limeade. Super yummy, super refreshing. Oh, and did I mention easy?

Do you remember the tamalada we had in El Paso? While we were there we shopped frequently at Vista Market for groceries and that store was truly awesome. It was like walking into a mercado in Mexico. I really wish there was a store like this in Colorado. Anyway, they had all sorts of aguas frescas to choose from. While we were in El Paso I think we each drank two huge glasses of agua de pepino daily while cooking in the kitchen. It’s the perfect drink on a hot day or while eating a spicy meal

If you’ve had agua de pepino and you like it you’re going to love a grown up cocktail version of it — coming soon!

Agua Fresca de Pepino (Cucumber Lime Cooler)


2 organic cucumbers, peeled and chopped
6 cups of water
1/3 cup fresh lime juice
2/3 cup sugar


In a blender add cucumbers and water and blend until smooth.

Strain the liquid into a pitcher and discard the pulp.

Add the lime juice and sugar. Mix well.

Serve chilled over ice.

Note: For a vibrant green agua de pepino do NOT peel cucumbers before blending.

Written by Yvette / Photos by Jeanine

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  1. For a nice adult agua fresca pour over some muddled mint leaves, a shot of rum, and a little bit of simple syrup. A cucumber mojito!

  2. We are drinking a lot of aguas frescas in this hot weather we are experiencing. Agua de Pepino is always a favorite–and blends nicely with a bit of pineapple as well.

  3. I was introduced to this drink years ago to one of my trips to tijuana, but they added mint-and yes it’s delicious! came home, and have made it ever since. just add a few leaves to cucumber mixture when blending. try it.

  4. This looks so refreshing and delicious for hot summer days! I agree that some fresh mint may just push this over the top!

  5. I made this last summer, not exactly this recipe, but very similar. So delicious! When my dad tasted it, without knowing what it was, he guessed honeydew melon!

  6. Agua de pepino is one of my favorites! I’ going to make some today 🙂

  7. I’ve been wanting to try a cucumber cooler or agua fresca lately. It looks and sounds like the perfect summertime refreshment!

  8. This is seriously on my to make list for this weekend. So refreshing! Would it compliment cucumber sandwiches?

  9. I Love love love Aguas frescas more than sodas and bottled juices but have never tried Agua de pepino. Sounds super easy to make too. Going to the grocery store to pick up some pepinos tonight 😉
    Can I share it on my little blog? With due credit of course!

  10. Update! I made it and it was GOOOOOOOD! So easy to make! It was perfect today too because it’s so hot (95). This is gonna be a regular drink for us now. Thank you for sharing this recipe!

  11. Nice recipe for agua de pepino. Sometimes when I make this, I also add a small piece of celery–just for a change. Beautiful photos as always.

  12. This is sooooo good! I love making this during the summer along with agua de sandia and jamaica. This is what our kids should be drinking instead of sodas.

  13. Christine Allard Reply

    Looks good – wonder if using Stevia, Agave or maple syrup instead of sugar would be good … guess it’s experiement time in the kitchen!


    me interesa que las reccetas se den en español, no soy experta en inglés

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