Tropical Fruit Kabobs

The kids are back at school and summer is quickly coming to a close. So if you’re looking for something easy to make for dessert why not try this tropical fruit kabob? Both you and the kids will love it for obvious reasons.

No fancy serving platters needed. Try something a little more organic. Perhaps a cactus pad, a palm leaf, or even a hollowed-out watermelon half. As a tribute to the end of summer go for the gusto and buy all those tropical fruits still available at your grocery store.






Lime wedges


Peel and cut your choice of fruit. Squeeze the lime over the cut fruit and toss gently.

Alternate the fruit used as you thread the cut fruit onto 12” wooden skewers. Chill before serving.

Place on your creative serving platter. Any leftovers can always be eaten at breakfast.

Photography by Jeanine Thurston

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  1. Nice and simple. Love it! And I love the cactus as a plate deco.

  2. Perfect way to celebrate summer. I especially love the lime wedges in there. Que Rico!!!

  3. Beautiful! And love that cactus paddle background.

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