Brie and Figs paired with Moscato

Recently I had the honor and pleasure of meeting head winemaker Juan Munoz Oca, from Columbia Crest Winery. Juan brings generations of expertise with him so I learned a ton about wine that evening. Juan introduced me to some great wines, and one of my favorites was the 2010 Moscato wine. Its crisp and cheerful notes make it a perfect white wine to pair with a fresh summer salad, light appetizers, or something as simple as fruit and cheese. Can you scream delish? Later that evening I even had some with dessert and it was perfecto.

Recently while visiting my sister and mom in Colorado we treated ourselves to a perfect trio of Moscato, figs, and brie. I love cheese and fruit and the bottle of Moscato paired perfectly. The bouquet found in Moscato goes well with several other foods; this was simply our pairing that evening. I can’t wait to try Moscato with something else. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it. Following our own advice we decided to give the brie and figs our own little Mexican twist, in this case we added a little orange zest and piloncillo to the fig jam. Warm, gooey, and fruity, oh my!

The next time you want to start off your evening with a little fancy hors d’oeuvre, which doesn’t take a ton of time to make, try out this simple recipe. All it takes is seven simple ingredients: a wheel of brie, fig jam, fresh figs, an orange, piloncillo, water crackers, and Moscato wine. You will be so glad you did. To all my WINOS, Women In Need Of Serenity, this one’s for you.

Check out this video with Juan Munoz-Oca, discussing which wines go best with various foods.

Please drink responsibly.

Baked Brie with Fig Preserves


1 tablespoon orange zest
¼ cup fig jam
2 tablespoons grated piloncillo (brown sugar can be substituted)
1 (8-ounce) Brie cheese round
4 fresh figs cut in half
1 box plain water crackers
1 bottle of Moscato white wine from Columbia Crest


Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cut the brie in half, creating two rounds.

Mix orange zest, fig jam, and piloncillo, and spread onto one of the brie rounds. Carefully place the other brie half on top.

Place the brie on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Heat in the oven for about 10-15 minutes. Don’t over cook the brie or you will have a gooey hot mess.

This step is optional: While the brie is baking, place figs on a hot comal (griddle) for a quick sear. This gives them a warm smokiness and goes oh so well with the warm brie.

Place the baked brie on a cutting board and serve with water crackers, sliced figs, and a chilled glass of Moscato wine. Salud!

If you’d like to see the selection of wines from Columbia Crest check out their website and facebook page.

Gracias Columbia Crest for the chance to meet Juan Munoz Oca, the delicious dinner, and the great bottles of wine.

This is not a sponsored post. The recipe and comments are our own.

Photography by Jeanine Thurston

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  1. First, a belated Happy Birthday to you! Can’t believe a year has flown by. Second, that picture looks so good I want to reach into the screen and have a bite. Third, as one of the WINOS, this is one of my all time favorite combinations. I could have just this for dinner-so yummy. I need to get a fig tree but would probably kill it so, thank goodness for the jam option.

  2. The first picture has my mouth watering! I am a sucker for some ooey-gooey brie! And paired up with a glass a wine?! Heaven! I love combining brie with sweet fruit, so I’ll definitely have to give this one a try! xoxo

  3. Wow! This sound incredible. To bad that fig are so hard to find where I live.

    • Donna, try your local farmer’s marker, Whole Foods or specialty stores. Figs were late this year so keep trying. If all else fails try just the fig jam…just as delicious. Cheers!

  4. These are probably my top three favorite foods / flavors of all time, and now they are together??? This is a beautiful thing. Except, I STILL haven’t found fresh figs anywhere. I don’t know where to look. Tips?

  5. looks so simple yet so tasty.. your photos are mouth watering. Great pics, new follower here.

    • Tres Delicious, welcome and thanks for following. I hope you have a chance to try this recipe soon. I was with friends this week. One of the WINOS mentioned in the post. She made this, I brought the Moscato and we had an awesome evening.

  6. Simple yet so wonderful together. We have not had any great figs here in South Texas, but the Moscato now that’s another story!! have a great week!

    • Vianney, thanks for stopping by. I hope you find some figs soon too. However, don’t let that keep you from trying out this recipe. The fig jam is perfect, especially with the orange zest…have a great week. It’s almost Friday…

  7. Three of my favorite things – Moscato, Brie and figs, not necessarily in that order. Thank you for posting this – I’m definitely going to try it out.

  8. Could not look more rico and I absolutely love the combination of flavors.

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  12. These look delicious. I’m going to have to try and make them myself!

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