Muy Bueno Cookbook (Coming Fall 2011)

Muy Bueno Cookbook is in full swing to produce a printed cookbook. For everyone who has contacted us wanting a copy of the cookbook, GRACIAS for your support. Our bebe is still awaiting its debut. Our goal is to have the cookbook available in the Fall of 2011.

Please stay tuned for up to the minute news on the launch party and book tour. We will also be sure to keep you informed about all the details on Facebook and Twitter as soon as all the details are finalized.

We encourage you to subscribe to our blog to receive emails with all that is Muy Bueno.

Thank you all for your continued support and heartwarming comments.

We are giddy with excitement about the release of the cookbook.

¡Buen provecho!

Photographer: Fototails Photography

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  1. I can hardly wait!! I have you listed as a favorite in google reader and I follow you already on Twitter. I don’t get on FB too much but will check in there from time to time. Maybe if I wish hard the book will come out during the summer. A girl can dream, right?! Smile…. xo

  2. a book after my own heart…being married to a mexican american AND having three beautiful Mexipinas! i can hardly wait to get your libro de cocinar!! maybe one of these days i’ll surprise my MIL with the many recipes i will prepare…con amor!!

    thank you for a beautiful blogsite…

    dreaming big….oxo

  3. Luanch party.. must have plenty of notice.. so I can get a plane ticket and attend!!! so excited for all for u.

  4. Thank you amiga!!! We hope to launch in our home states – CA, CO, and TX, so I’m sure you will be able to celebrate with us somewhere!! Can’t wait to toast this journey with you! We have so many cocktails to choose from. LOL!

  5. That is so exciting! I’m so happy for you! Someday I hope to do this as well…good luck!

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